¿Why is Miguel Peraza considered a quantum sculptor? (Article)
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¿Why is Miguel Peraza considered a quantum sculptor?
Enrique Canchola Martínez
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa
Ciudad de México. México


6 de agosto de 2023

Miguel Peraza is considered a quantum sculptor because his sculptures are based on the principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, entanglement, interference, and qubits. His sculptures are made of dynamic orbital elements that emit discrete messages in the form of colors, shapes, and movements.

The sculptures also have fractal components, meaning that they are composed of smaller and larger parts of the same element.

His sculptures create a combination of two states: the concrete and the imaginary, which can be perceived differently depending on the observer's perspective.

The sculptures are not limited by any conventional coordinate system, but rather use open vectors in space. His sculptures also show a correlation and entanglement between the elements, which allows predicting the state of one element from another.

His sculptures are like quantum computers that process information at a very high speed and integrate the observer into a greater possibility of approaching their inner or outer universe¹ ².

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Enrique Canchola Martínez