The quantum mechanical system in the sculptures of Miguel Peraza (Article)
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The quantum mechanical system in the sculptures of Miguel Peraza
Enrique Canchola Martínez
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa
Ciudad de México. México

05 de agosto 2023
Miguel Peraza is a Mexican sculptor whose work is known, collected, and has been exhibited both in Mexico and abroad. His sculptures are built with a quantum mechanical system, with a dynamic orbital method in three dimensions, where the message is emitted by each of the elements that make it up in discrete quantities to what is called a quantum in quantum physics. In his sculpture, the light emitted by the wavelengths of the colors used corresponds to well-defined frequencies of the mental quanta that construct the different emotions.
The different bodies that make up Peraza's sculptures have fractal components; that is, larger and smaller parts of the same element, while space is generated through full and empty movements that overlap, building objective and subjective perceptions to achieve a linear combination of two states, the concrete and the imaginary.
The superposition of both states of absence and presence builds a qubit that forms the quantum unit, which allows the combination of both possibilities in the work. The tensors are used as open vectors in space, which are not subject to any quadrant, as could be Cartesian. The entanglement is another characteristic of Peraza's sculpture elements, as quantum mechanics qubits always correlate and entangle with each other to form a unique systemic sculpture.
Even one element allows predicting the state of the next element and through a superposition of the two possible states in the sculpture, the conscious mind processes the perception of the work as an extremely fast quantum computer.
This brings us closer to understanding that despite being a concrete object, it integrates us into a greater possibility of approaching our inner or outer universe in a binary 1-0 relationship. It depends on the perspective from which we observe this phenomenon.
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Enrique Canchola Martínez
Profesor e Investigador UAM-I