How to forget (Poem)
Minuto a Minuto

How to forget
How can I forget that magical place?
where your curly hair
between my fingers it moved
to the beat of our eroticism.
How can I forget that magical place?
where your eyes shone
like the light of heaven
and like a heavenly beacon they led
to my hands to reach the sacred temple
through the ways of hell
How can I forget that magical place?
that opened its doors for him to rest
my spirit feeding on the branches
of your chest being pampered
with the hugs of your lips in heat.
How can I forget that magical place?
where my emotions began to tremble
by contemplating the mountains
magic of your body and the pleasant sensation
to travel the roads of your silhouette
that lead to your belly.
How to forget that wonderful adventure
to love you in any season.
How can I forget that place where my body
rode on the cosmic colt
of your body and deposit all its illusion
in the form of milky rain on beautiful creature
how to forget, impossible to forget
Never forget
how to forget how to forget
that you are my heaven and you are my hell
you are my mercy and my hope
my tenderness and my passion
my madness and my reason
you are the breath of my mind
and you are in my heart
You are magic and reality
How to forget
If my body has memory
from your hands, from the caresses
from your mouth visiting my paths
of the intense horseback riding
discovering caves and filling them
of your inner seas
flooding my heavens and my hells.
Enrique Canchola Martínez
All rights reserved